Chris Holder Foundation

Our Mission

Mission Statement
The Chris Holder Foundation, a non-profit organization, supports and promotes the musical arts in the Triad area to honor the memory of Christopher Holder and his love of music by providing scholarships, grants, and performance opportunities.

Values and Guiding Principles
Musical experiences continue to define our lives. Through our passion for music, we will work hard to provide similar experiences for others.
Maintaining a balanced life is an important component of being successful. Academic achievements, healthy social relationships, and other elements of life are made more fulfilling through participation in music.
Music brings people together through strong, shared experiences; it cultivates positive relationships between the community’s schools, businesses, and residents.
Success stems not only from the achievement of predetermined goals but from the manner in which the goals were met. Optimal results are best accomplished by maintaining a fun, optimistic, and energetic environment.

Vision Statement
To raise money and provide opportunities for groups and individuals so they can continue playing and sharing their passion for music in their communities.

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