Chris Holder Foundation

You Make This Organization Work


To donate you can send a check to:

Chris Holder Foundation or CHF
P.O. Box 1503
Kernersville, NC 27285



We now have PayPal available to take donations online**!!!

We are an official non-profit organization with 501(c )(3) status, so with every donation, we will send you a confirmation email, accompanied with our Federal Tax ID Number. Remember, all donations are a tax write-off!!

**Note: For the use of their services, PayPal takes $0.30 and up to 3% of every donation.


We are constantly in need of volunteers for the events and activities we have going on, and we would really appreciate your help! Please let us know if there is an event or activity that you would be interested in being involved in!

One of the biggest ways you can help this organization be successful is through word of mouth. Since we are non-profit, our success is solely based off of the events and activities we hold, as well as sponsors and donations. Please help us get the word out to bring in as many contributors as possible.

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